I took a hike a couple days ago and decided to go to Evergreen Cemetery to pay my respects to the many ancestors of mine that are buried there. Including Licius Milo Chapin who is buried there but his grave is unmarked and took a photo of the Civil War memorial there. Lucius Milo Chapin was a Civil War soldier who fought in the Union Army. He was in the 83rd regiment company k. He was wounded in the Battle of Bull Run. As soon as I can get onto a computer I will upload the image of the memorial. I do almost everything on my iPod. Have a great night!
Got up and started doing a search of how to find my brother. I found a number for my mother to call (of course I can't call) She called it and ended up having to call it twice because we didn't know my cell phone number! This is all the info I know about my brother.

Mother- Lorna Marie Dunlop (now Wager)
Father- Larry Douglas Dunlop

Birth name- Lane Eric Dunlop (we now believe his first name is Patrick)

D.O.B.- September 6, 1985

Born at- University Hospital in Seattle WA

The adoption agency was New Hope/Crista.

That's all I have for now. I'm still doing my best at searching.
I've been searching for information for a long time about information on my family. I think next on my list is trying to find my half brother. I have tried so hard but to no avail. Hmmm. Might try again soon. Anywho. If I don't get on soon Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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